ARB Twin Compressor Mount Installation

This guide will show you how to install the ARB twin compressor with the Saltek Motorsports mount into your new Defender. However, it will not show you how to wire up your compressor as there are many options to do so and therefore is completely dependent on the user. The way we wired ours is by getting the 12v power from the junction cable and grounded it to the nearest ground stud below the compressor. We then wired it to the switch pros for a super convenient activation.

Aux pump relocation procedure (P300 ONLY)

The following steps are for the P300 models only. The auxiliary coolant pumps get in the way in their current location, therefore we came up with a relocating bracket that orients the pump in a way that doesn’t affect their performance, doesn’t require permanent modifications, and will give enough room for the ARB twin compressor.

You’ll need 

  • panel popper
  • 2 hose pinch off pliers or equivalent
  • Hose clamp pliers or equivalent
  • T15 torx
  • 10mm wrench
  • 10mm socket and ratchet
  • Small amount of coolant of distilled water

Step 1

Locate the Aux pump by the right side strut tower. Remove the ground cable and pump harness by plucking out the zip tie push clips. (shown circled)

Step 2

Remove the connector on the aux pump (shown circled)

Step 3

Use your hose pinch off pliers to pinch the upper and lower hose on the pump. (as shown)

Step 4

Use your hose clamp pliers to squeeze and slide the spring clamps out of the way. (circled)

Step 5

Remove bolt circled in red with a 10mm.

Step 6

Remove the two nuts circled in red. Then remove the pump and bracket.

Step 7

Remove the pump from the bracket. To do so, use a T15 torx to remove the screws and insulators. You really only need to remove the bottom insulator. The top 2 can slide up and off once the bottom insulator has been removed.

Step 8

Install the pump on the Saltek relocating bracket as shown. Loosely install the bracket using the provided bolts with serrated nuts and the original bolt removed on step 5.

DO NOT USE SELF THREADING BOLT SHOWN HERE. This will be used on the last step.

Step 9

Attach the lower hose to the pump. You will need to loosen the spring clip (pointed with the arrow) and twist the hose to the right to align it to the aux pump. Once installed make sure the spring clamps hold the coolant hose securely.

Step 10

Install the upper hose on the pump and secure it with the spring clamp. Now tighten the bracket and reinstall the ground cable and pump harness. Remove the pinch off pliers. You may need to top off the coolant or distilled water once the compressor has been installed.

Step 11

Now use the self-threading bolt provided at the hole on the strut tower as shown. Use a 10mm socket and ratchet to run it through the hole so the bolt can make threads and make it easier to install on the top tray. You will use this same bolt to install the tray in the following steps.

The Following Applies for ALL Models

This is a fairly simple job and should take less than ½ hour to do.

Tools required are:

  • Panel popper
  • 8mm socket
  • 10mm socket
  • 13mm socket
  • Ratchet
  • Flat head
  • 6mm ball head long allen wrench

Step 1

We start by locating the area we will be installing the compressor, behind the right side headlight. You will notice a bracket which holds a ground cable, a connector, and the positive cable. Remove the clips from the bracket marked by the yellow hexagons without breaking them using a panel popper.

Pull the cables and connector aside and remove the 2 8mm bolts circled in red. Remove the bracket.

Install the lower mount using the same 8mm bolts you removed earlier.

Install the cables and connectors as show in the picture. Notice the ground cable is routed to the back of the lower mount. (Circled in red)

Step 2

Remove the bolt on the fender shown circled in red with a 10mm socket. Place it aside and don’t lose it as you will be using it again later.

Step 3

Now locate the aux pump. Use a flat head to pry up on the locking tab as shown. Not a lot of force is needed.

With the screwdriver prying on up on the locking tab, push the slide towards the direction shown in the picture. The aux pump will now be released from its plastic bracket.

Disconnect the connector on the aux pump. Remove the bolt shown circled in red and only loosen the bolt circled in yellow. Use a 10mm socket.

Swing the plastic bracket up as shown in the picture.

Step 4

Now get the compressor mounted to the top plate of the mount. Notice its orientation. The filters will be facing towards the back of the headlight.

If you are going to use an Arb manifold, we recommend placing the manifold bracket under the top plate as show in the picture. Point the ports to the bottom and attach any attachments to the manifold that you will be using at this time.

Step 5

Now let’s make some room for the compressor. Remove the top cover of the power cable exposing the fuse. Loosen the 13mm nut circled in red and turn the cable towards the fender in the direction shown on the picture. Now tighten the nut again and reinstall the cover.

You may find that in some models (p300 and some diesel versions) the thick wires running to the power junction may make contact with the compressor or mount. If they do, remove the clip from the fender circled in red and Zip tie the wires to the lower portion of the positive cable marked with a yellow X. That will make enough room to assure wires don’t chafe on the compressor or mount.

Step 6

Install the assembled top plate onto the mount. Notice the rear leg will go under the aux pump.

Lightly screw on the bolt from step 2 which will help hold the top plate in place.

Swing the plastic bracket, which holds the aux pump, down and over the leg as shown. Install the bolt that was removed and tighten it. Be sure not to cross thread this bolt. Also tighten the bolt was was circled in yellow.

Place the aux pump back into its plastic bracket. Place the nipples through the slide and pull in the direction shown. This will lock it back into place.

Now line up the bottom mount threaded rivnuts to the top plate as shown. You may need to pull lightly on the bottom mount to line it up. Use the supplied hardware to bolt up. We recommend using a long 6mm ball head allen wrench, especially if installing an arb manifold. Tighten the fender bolt from step 2 and that’s it!

That’s it! Congratulations on installing your Saltek ARB Compressor Mount!