Dash Mount Installation

Installation of the dash mount is fairly simple. The tools required for the job are as follows:

  • Plastic Panel Popper (or equivalent)
  • A 4mm allen wrench

Your dash mount will come with the following hardware

  • (6) m6 button head bolts
  • (6) cage nuts

Step 1:

We start by removing the vent trim in front of the speaker cover. It is held on by 2 clips and is removed by pulling upwards. Be sure to not pull too hard causing to stretch out the sun load sensor wiring. You do not need to unplug the sensor, just set aside the trim out of the way.

Step 2:

With the vent trim out of the way we can now use the panel popper and remove the speaker cover. Pry starting at the front left and right sides and work your way to the rear.

Step 3:

The sides pop off easily, the rear are harder to pop off. Don’t worry, just use your plastic panel popper with a little extra force to remove it.  Plastic panel popper help to not scratch up your interior but you can also use a flat head screwdriver with a towel between the trim pieces so you don’t scratch the interior.

Step 4:

Once the cover is removed, grab the cage nuts and install them into the slots as shown.

Step 5:

 Slide the nuts all the way forward. You can now clip the vent trim back into place.

Step 6:

Install Amps equipment onto the dash mount leaving the mounting holes free. Be careful that your mounting hardware isn’t too long and hit the speaker edges. M5x12mm to 14mm screws work well  to secure the amps equipment without hitting the speaker. Use washers on the underside of the dash mount so the nuts do not mar the finish of the mount. Use the include m6 bolts to bolt the dash mount to the dash. Tighten snug, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN AS IT CAN DAMAGE THE CAGE NUTS.  Picture here shows the dash mount installed without amps equipment for clarification of button bolt installation.

That’s it! Congratulations on installing our Saltek Dash Mount! Happy Overlanding!

4 thoughts on “Dash Mount Installation

  1. Great. Easy peasy. Do you have tips how to best
    get 12v power under the plate for the accessories to be mounted on top of the plate.

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