Saltek SP9100 Bracket Installation

Step 1

Locate the slots behind the passenger side strut tower. Install the included grommet on the slot closest to the engine as pictured above.

Step 2

 With the module installed to the module bracket, install the  assembly into the designated area as pictured. Use the provided hardware  to bolt onto the chassis. Be sure that the tab on the bracket falls into the slot with the grommet.

Step 3

To install the switch panel bracket, first locate the dash side cover and remove the 4 T30 bolts pictured.

Step 4

With the cover removed, you will see a silver T30 bolt and a T15 black bolt. Remove both bolts.

Step 5

With the bolts removed, you can now pull outward on the trim to remove it. Careful not to lose any of the clips. There should be 4 clips. Remove the rubber lining from the tray.

Step 6

Now this is where you will do a bit of trimming. Flip the rubber lining upside down. Located the molded line as pictured above. Using and exacto knife or box cutter, you will cut out a 3mm slot from the line towards the inside.

This picture demonstrate the 3mm spacing required to fit the brackets and harness for the switch panel. You do not need to remove the tray. This just for demonstration for a better understanding on what needs to be cut out.

This picture demonstrates what it should look like once its cut. Notice the length of the cut go past the curve on the lining.

Step 7

Once the harness from the module to the switch panel is routed, you can guide it through the gap in the tray. It’s a tight fit but you can push it through.

Step 8

Install the switch panel to the bracket as shown using the hardware provided by switch pros. Once installed you can use a cut off wheel to shorten the studs. That’s completely optional.

Step 9

Now connected the switch panel to the harness and push it back through the gap.

Step 10

Install the rubber lining and guide the harness and bracket through the cut out. You will notice a peg on the shelf (not pictured) will need to fit in between the slot on the bracket.

The hole on the bracket will line up with the hole on the shelf. Install the silver screw as shown loosely as shown. Do not tighten yet.

Step 11

Now grab the trim and make sure all the clips are pushed back in. Snap the trim back into place. Once installed you can install and tighten the black bolt circled in blue. Then you can tighten the silver bolt in the red circle.

This is how the back side should look like if installed correctly.

Step 12

Reinstall the cover and that’s it for the installation of the brackets.

SP9100 wiring installation guide will be coming soon!