VTC Caps

Step 1:

This is an example of the original rubber VTC cap that has just begun to melt. It would need to be removed in order to install the Saltek VTC cap. Be sure to have the epoxy putty, wooden crafts stick, and vtc cap ready. Tools you’ll need will be a razor blade and a flat head screw driver.

Step 2:

First we start off by lightly prying the tab (circled in red) using a flat head screwdriver just enough to get the harness free.

Step 3:

Pulling the harness out of the way we now expose the area we will be cutting slits into (marked in red) using a razor blade.

Step 4:

Example of slits cut into the rubber cap. Be careful not to cut into the wiring or your fingers.

Step 5:

You can now peel the OEM rubber cap off.

Step 6:

Remove as much rubber as possible using the razor blade. BECAREFUL NOT TO CUT YOUR FINGERS. Clean any dirt and oil using brake cleaner. Let dry.

Step 7:

Now grab the Saltek VTC cap and squeeze both parts of the epoxy putty into the cap. Mix thoroughly using the crafts stick and be sure fill the crevice where the harness is routed as shown by the red arrow.

Step 8:

Install cap at a slight angle as pictured making sure the wiring does not get pinched.

Step 9:

Install the cap all the way flush. It will be a bit tight. You can tap it slightly against your work bench to help with installation. Be careful not to tug on the wiring.

Step 10:

Twist the cap slightly, as needed in order to get the logo to run horizontally.

Step 11:

Run the harness back under the metal tab and bend close. Let the epoxy dry over night and it will be ready for installation.

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